about the site

I made this site out of pure boredom...
i feel much more motivated to update the site when im just making random stuff idk.

I'm trying to make a site banner that no one will use, so stay tuned ig

about Sal

im 13 yrs old... almost (may 14th) and I am addicted to video games and coding.
i use they/them pronouns (I dont care about "gender")

thiiiiis is what i look like (depicted in firealpaca lolz)

notes: i cut my own hair and i only wear black and red eye shadow unde rmy eyes sometimes....

fun facts: i love pork bologna and ham.
oh i should probably put somewhere that my name is in no way corrilated to Travis from SF.... probably.... my look definitly isnt, tho/srs

ig i should talk about my interests? yea
unfortunately one of my main interests is sally face, which has gained some popularity and thus, the fanbase is kinda toxic now.
I do also like Danganronpa. I made an essay about komaeda.... cringe but filled with research and facts.

i like drawing too, I'm not thaaat good but my mom likes to say I am. :/

I like metal and idie rock... music is good


i have a lot of other interests too, in terms of hobbies/talents but they are irrelevant and stupid.

Twitter: @k4rkk4t YouTube: @nagiito Tumblr: @karkkatt