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I post most of my art on Twitter/Tumblr. But- I don't draw much at all lol. I use firealpaca!

I redesigned them ^^ (i basically just traced there og design and added stuff lol [05/07/2021]

I tried to do lineart but it looked bad :/ [05/03/2021]

sal & travis (my favs) [04/30/2021]

trans hajimeme [03/30/2021]

I've been playing quite a lot of fnf lately lmao [03/29/2021]

Karkats for the soul lol [03/29/2021]

Cat. [03/29/2021]

Tommyinnit hehe X3 [03/27/2021]

Two drawings of Hinata-kun while I try a style :3c [03/06/2021]

An unnamed troll OC. [2/20/2021]

This one was pretty succesful on tumblr haha, its cute ig. [02/8/2021]

i was just practicing side profiles, I think it turned out nice :3 [01/10/2021]

Sushi Saihara haha. [12/23/2020]

My last ever South Park art at this point.... eek [12/22/2020]

Craig says fuck you ):< [12/19/2020]

My trollsona, hes chill [12/16/2020]

My first South Park art. swag. [12/15/2020]

Hinata. p- pretty... [12/08/2020]

Komaeda drawing that was gonna be my insta pfp but I hated it. [12/07/2020]