Steam: tr4v1s

Sally face:
I'm addicted, I've played through the whole game 3 times, I don't think I have found all the secrets yet... Its really fun though even if its the same thing everytime I play ^^

I've played through genocide twice, neutral once and I'm currently playing true pacifist! My favorite character is definitly muffet or mettaton EX :33

I played about 5 pokemon games, most recent being sheild. They are all the same things, no joke. The only difference is some game mechanics, different pokemon, graphics and gym leader. But honestly, they are all the same thing. But they are fun sometimes. I do really like Allister from sheild tho

I looove minecraft. I have beaten the ender dragon about 7 times in the span of 6 years. I like to build houses in the side of cliffs or near villages ^^ My current world is kinda pretty looking, I'm currently trying to get level 30 (,: I have a 6 by 9 fenced area with like 40 cows.... and a huge hillside weat farm!

I have played through all of sdr2, and half of drv3. I watched a playthrough of udg and dr1 + watched the anime and read the manga.

I have played throught this game soo many times, like, I can't even count tbh. My favorite route is Natsuki ^^ when I had to delete monika, I felt bad for some reason....

working on finnishing it. I like it so far :)