Travis' Poems.


People sleep and people hurt.
Dont you see? I do the same.
My human mind is not broken.
I bleed and I feel, I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.
I have scars and broken parts.
but I could speak my feelings if only youd let me.
Just dont get mad.
Because even if I lash out, I am human nonetheless.

There is something we call time.
We say it moves on and on every little second.
Time is an illusion, it should be irrelevant.
But nonetheless, we see it as vital.
Its what makes us get up in the morning
And go to bed at night.
Its what tells us its time to eat and time to take a bath.
We follow our made up fantasy as if its a protector.
But in some ways, it is.
Time tells us when to go home when its dark.
Time tells us When to eat so we dont starve.
Time tells us To get u so we dont miss the bus.
Time is made up.
But its a guideline for daily life.